Titus Bellwald -

Titus Bellwald -



Demo by "Ostwind" (live recording 2021)

Kathrin Oplatka - flute, Rita Bossard - flutes, Lena Neuenschwander - double bass, Susanne Weber - accordion, Andreas Hunziker - guitar and tambura, Titus Bellwald - percussion

"Alrozana" by Ensemble "Brunnen & Brücken"

CD-Cover Alrozana
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"Jetzt" by Ensemble Contact

CD-Cover JetztOrder your copy at Natalie Klaus.

"Ancient Love" by ab3ad (featuring Björn Meyer)

Alte Liebeyou can order your copy here with me or at our distributor cede.ch/fontastix. Or if you don't care for the nice artwork and lyrics booklet you can download or stream from spotify, iTunes, GooglePlay etc.

miscellaneous audio and video examples

La quinte Estampie Real

from the "Manuscript du Roi" also known as "Chansonnier du Roi" (mss. français 844, Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris)
L'Amoresca: Elisabeth Pawelke - hurdy gurdy, Dominika Bonk - viol, Emanuele Forni - lute and Titus Bellwald - percussion

ab3ad - Album Teaser for "Ancient Love"

Video over excerpts from "Ancient Love – Alte Liebe – حب قديم"
Wael Sami Elkholy - Voice, Oud
Emre Aydin - Bass
Titus Bellwald - Percussion

El Rey de Francia

a very famous sephardic song recorded by L'Amoresca: Elisabeth Pawelke - voice, Dominika Bonk - viol, Emanuele Forni - lute and Titus Bellwald - percussion


excerpt from an improvisation played during my six months in Paris

lu ballu del tamureddu

a tamburello plays the drum machine...

Güggeli nach Mutter Schwab

this is a radio feature about the cooking of the late Marguerite Schwab, my grandmother. Unfortunately you won't understand much as long as you don't speak swiss german...

حب قديم

photo video to the arabic version of "Ancient Love"


performance by collectif L'ACT

Mimesis for timpani and live electronics

video recording of the premiere of Mimesis (2006). This composition by Titus Bellwald leaves the listener wondering what sounds are timpani and what artificial.

Music for Hihat and computer

Composition by Cort Lippe, recorded live at "Kratzen am Rand" (Diploma concert), June 2006

"Le Corps à Corps" pour un percussioniste et son zarb

Composition by Georges Aperghis from 1978. Recorded live at "Murten Classics" festival, 2006

Bohuslav Martinu: Quartet for clarinet, horn, cello & side-drum, H. 139

Ensemble Paul Klee, live at Zentrum Paul Klee, Berne
Fabio Di Casola - clarinet, Sebastian Schindler - french horn, Matthias Schranz - cello, Titus Bellwald - side drum


here you can download scores and performance material (max/MSP patches etc.)

score and performance material of Mimesis

score and performance material of 7 616900 234013